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Let us concede to everything! To a rational mind the world looks like a world without God.

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It looks like a world with no hope for another life. To think otherwise, to believe in spite of appearances, is surely a kind of madness. The atheist sees clearly that windmills are in fact only windmills, that Dulcinea is just a poor country bumpkin with a homely face and an unpleasant smell. The atheist is a Sarah, justifiably laughing in her old age at Abraham's belief that God will give them a son.

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How can a fideist admit that faith is a kind of madness, a dream fed by passionate desire, and yet maintain that one is not mad to make the leap? Not coincidentally, they were also all British. Americans admire success. One could argue that America's overwhelming nuclear deterrence, like Britain's navy in the 19th century, has been a source of global stability more than otherwise—and that Reagan's dream of missile defense which Mr.

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Taubman labels " quixotic " may turn out to be the real solution to preventing a rogue nuclear attack from one of the world's many despotic regimes. Fearsome Peacekeepers. This absurd belief would not even deserve to be called quixotic if it had not inspired masterpieces of art and music and architecture as well as the most appalling atrocities and depredations.

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Devoted IsThatLegal readers may recall my quixotic efforts to use the Freedom of Information Act to learn about the potential involvement of DOJ's and other branches 'lawyer's roles in approving of interrogation tactics that amount to torture. So this exercise in tilting at windmills can't even be described as quixotic , since that would imply some expectation of success, however delusional. Supporters put together signs for Jones' campaign in , an effort Jones describes as " quixotic.

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I feel like this word should be pronounced kee-ho-tik it just occurred to me that standard IPA pronunciation would show up as a possible word entry. We don't say Don Kwik-sot-ay January 4, I totally know where you're coming from, Valse. You're being neither persnickety nor pedantic. Unfortunately, English — especially when adapting foreign words and names — is one big miasma of bafflegab.

I still spell "fish" as ghoti 1 and "potato" as ghoughphtheightteeau. January 5, So true, billifer.


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As counterintuitive as it may sometimes seem, we should just chalk it up to idiosyncrasy if that word wasn't previously used to describe words or language, it now is. And then the inconsistency's something to appreciate, I suppose. I heard someone who I thought aught to have known better pronounce it as an English word recently. Dictionary Conjugation Phrases Games More by bab. PL donkiszotowski.

Synonyms Synonyms English for "quixotic":. English romantic wild-eyed. Context sentences Context sentences for "quixotic" in Polish These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. English Those, like Mr Berlusconi, who mocked the European 'three winds' directive and called it a quixotic plan, have been proven wrong.