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Some cloud droplets contain particles, known as ice nucleating particles INP , which can catalyse freezing.

When a cloud droplet heterogeneously freezes, the resulting ice particle will grow at the expense of any unfrozen droplets. Thus, INP have the potential to greatly alter the nature of mixed-phase clouds. This effect, known as the Bergeron-Findeisen process, normally results in the rapid glaciation of the entire cloud, precipitation of resulting large ice crystals and reduced cloud lifetime. Under these conditions, a metastable type of ice with a crystal structure distinct from that of standard hexagonal ice can form and persist.

PNAS, ; Malkin et al. PCCP, Clouds which are composed only of ice also form throughout the upper troposphere where temperatures are colder than about oC. As with mixed phase clouds, we quantify the ice nucleation taking place by looking at the aerosol types present in the upper troposphere. We have thus discovered a new class of ice-nucleating aerosol in the upper troposphere — glassy aerosol Murray et al. The nucleation mechanisms of the ice crystals and also their microphysical properties remain a mystery Murray et al.

Ice Nucleation

Using microfluidics techniques, we manipulate our sample in a continuous phase to generate tiny droplets of nanoliter volumes for the study of how different particles will nucleate ice in the droplets. You are here.

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