Menachem Begin: A Life

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  • The Life and Times of Menachem Begin!

Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! This riveting biography is the first to provide a satisfactory answer to the question, Who was Menachem Begin? Based on wide-ranging research among archival documents and on testimonials and interviews with Begin's closest advisers, the book presents a detailed new portrait ofIsrael's founding leader.

Among the many topics Avi Shilon holds up to new light are Begin's antagonistic relationship with David Ben-Gurion, his controversial role in the Lebanon War, his unique leadership style, the changes in his ideology over the years, and the mystery behind the total silence he maintained at the end of his career.

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Through Begin's remarkable life, the book also recounts the history of the right-wing segment of Israeli society, a story essential to understanding the Israel of today. This biography represents a decisive contribution to the truth. A pioneering event in its field. Help Centre.

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A fully realized, important portrait of a significant 20th-century leader. Review Posted Online: Sept.

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Israel’s Tragic Hero-Victim

Categories of Interest: Select All. But errors of fact, and there are several, are minor points. Important, however, is the question of ideology, which is curiously absent in a book focused on the ideological struggles between Zionist left and right. Gordis does discuss the varied defense forces in the Yishuv, but his narrative is not well served by his historical analysis.

The Palmach, the military striking-force of the Yishuv, was not a function of the Haganah, as conventional wisdom has it.

Israel’s Tragic Hero-Victim | David Pryce-Jones | Standpoint

More important is the question, a core issue in any biography of Menachem Begin, of the more activist resistance groups in the Yishuv. This idea obscures the deep ideological differences between the two groups. Lehi was more radical, but included fighters from all over the political and ideological map: groups of right-wing sectarian-religious Agudath Yisrael side by side with, counter-intuitively, a group from the far-left secular Marxist Hashomer Hatzair.

(1913 - 1992)

These Lehi fighters were united by the common goal to get the British out of Palestine. What was his legacy? Begin did put his very Jewish stamp on the Jewish character of Israel. But many historians maintain that in the aftermath of his peace-making with Egypt, the settlement initiative was strengthened, and internal conflict in Israel increased dramatically.