Free Movement of Persons Within the European Community

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Please do not contact EU Treaty Rights Division unless absolutely necessary to allow us to devote the maximum time to the processing of applications and reviews.

Exceptions to this apply only in cases where the non-EEA national family member has previously held a residence card of a family member of a Union citizen which has been issued by another Member State under Article 10 of the Directive. Please note that EU Treaty Rights applications should be made for each and any non-EEA national child residing in the State as the family member of a Union citizen, including children under the age of As applications may take up to six months to process, applicants are advised to make their EU3 Permanent Residence Card applications 6 months before their Residence Card expires.

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An application for an EU3 Permanent Residence Card which is made on the basis of retained rights will not be accepted unless the non-EEA national applicant has already been approved for the retention of their Residence Card on an individual basis. Retention of a Residence Card is required where the EU citizen of whom the non-EEA national is a family member has died or departed from the State, or in the event of the divorce or annulment of marriage between the non-EEA national and the EU citizen.

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If you have any questions about the forms you can e-mail your enquiry to: eutreatyrights justice. The Directive and the Regulations apply to citizens of the European Union, citizens of EEA member states and citizens of Switzerland who move to or reside in a Member State other than that of which they are a national, and to their family members who accompany or join them.

Free movement of persons

The figures clearly show a fall in EU migration to the UK since the referendum. The MAC study suggests that this may be partly due to the fall in UK economic growth from amongst the fastest in the G7 leading economies before the referendum to the slowest since.

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  • In addition, the number of people in the new Member States wanting to migrate is limited and there are no large poorer countries waiting to join the EU. Migration flows are also responsive to exchange rate fluctuations. The sharp fall in the value of sterling since the referendum has made the UK a less attractive destination for EU migrants, especially those who would have been working in lower-income occupations.

    Further details of the current system are set out the July SEE paper. The three EEA countries and Switzerland also operate free movement of people with the EU as an integral part of their agreements; indeed, the EEA Agreement uses almost exactly the same language on free movement as appears in the EU treaties. The safeguard clauses in Articles of the EEA Agreement are not specifically about free movement of people. Related topics Entry and residence. Visa policy.

    Free Movement of Persons within the European Community

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