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Mehcad Brooks as Derek. Tracey Graves as Bernie's Trashy Date. Trae Ireland as Boring Date. Steve Terada as Bartender. Stan Weightman Jr.

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Brenda Vivian as Cigarette Girl. Feb 14, Rating: B Full Review…. Feb 14, Full Review…. Feb 14, Rating: 2. Jan 31, Rating: B- Full Review…. Aug 17, Full Review…. Jun 21, Rating: B- Full Review…. Oct 8, Full Review…. May 30, Rating: 1. View All Critic Reviews Sep 19, An average remake in which the two leads try their best but don't have enough charm or good chemistry to make us care especially when most of the conflicts feel artificial , and they get, alas, overshadowed by Hart and Hall as the intrusive comic relief secondary characters.

Carlos M Super Reviewer. Jul 13, The original film, of the same name, was much more dramatic and intent on analyzing the dysfunction and hypocrisy in relationships, and their inane pitfalls. This remake is much raunchier, placing an emphasis more on its supporting characters, and also still showing the problems with rushing into relationships.

The cast is perfectly put together for this film, relying on Michael Ealy and Joy Bryant for a massive dose of chemistry. Regina Hall is an amazing comedic actress who is given a lot to work with and hits it out of the park, bringing an irresistible flavor to this film. This, of course, is the year of Kevin Hart, who steals the show time and again in over the top, hilarious scenes. There's very little good or bad to say about this romantic drama other than it's very funny, but the relationship portrayed is still boring and soapy to watch in between the funny bits.

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Jul 09, This was a funny romantic comedy, and I haven't laughed like this for long time Directed by Steve Pink, the film is based on the David Mamet play Sexual Perversity in Chicago and is a remake of the film of the same name. There is a slight difference - this remake features black actors in the lead roles while the roles in the original film were played by white actors. Of course, the jokes in this one were more modern. Everything is happening in Los Angeles Not a bad return and I will say it deserves it.

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Romance and comedy were perfectly balanced in this remake, but it is not as close to the story of the original David Mamet's play. The cast was perfectly matched to feel natural and honest delivering refreshingly insightful lines. Do not miss it!

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Panta O Super Reviewer. Jun 20, If the chemistry these actors share does not make you smile, then I don't know what will. Kevin Hart and Michael Ealy are so believable as best friends it is not even funny, and they are funny as hell in these roles. I feel like I enjoyed this film much more than I should have, but sometimes a movie can do that to you. This is a very solid romantic comedy that I did not expect to work so well.

Falling in love, growing apart and seeing where things go from there has been done in so many films before, but the script is well-written and actually cares about it's characters, and there wasn't really a time I found myself rolling my eyes. Overall, "About Last Night" is a romantic comedy I can easily watch more than once. Is it amazing? No, but it does everything you want it to and you will probably laugh pretty hard throughout it as well. It's not just your average chick flick, but it is a film that single men, single women, and couples can all enjoy. Definitely recommended, because there are very few good films left in this genre, and this being one of them.

KJ P Super Reviewer. See all Audience reviews. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Best of Netflix. Go back. Some of what the children came out with was outright rude towards their mother, but funny at the same time. There is some deceit as well as at least 3 potential men that Molly could become involved with. We learn about why David, her husband insisted on moving to Herefordshire, which gave a lot of vital background information, and I enjoyed reading that bit.

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About Last Night was just an enjoyable story, that kept me entertained and reminded me that I really enjoy the authors work. Thank you so much to Michael Joseph and Netgalley for this copy of the book which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. Apr 06, Ukgardenfiend rated it really liked it Shelves: books-read.

So David wants to live the 'Good Life' and moves his family down to a small holding raising sheep and getting muddy and cold and wet and But he dies and leaves his widow without enough means to live on - she learns to be a sheep midwife; she learns to be a rather shady horse dealer; she sells sexy knickers by post and by every possible means tries to keep the bailiffs from her door. Luckily the main bailiff is her friend from the book club!

All the time a rather irritating vet hovers around tel So David wants to live the 'Good Life' and moves his family down to a small holding raising sheep and getting muddy and cold and wet and All the time a rather irritating vet hovers around telling Molly what she is doing wrong. The main action however happens when Molly receives an unexpected inheritance and thinks about moving back to her old London life.

And romance enters her life from an also unexpected source. A feel good, jolly, amusing, enjoyable story of just how chaotic life a life can be, and how women cope when left in rather sticky circumstances through no fault of their own. Apr 09, Janet rated it really liked it Shelves: thriller-crime. This was a break from my routine, a light hearted look at the life of middle aged Molly and her family. A family left devastated by the death of Molly's husband David. Five years on and her life going nowhere fast, her grown children are either leaving the nest or languishing in it, mostly prone and drunk, all the while Molly is struggling to keep it together.

A letter from a solicitor throws her new opportunities and she launches headlong to a new life This was funny, This was a break from my routine, a light hearted look at the life of middle aged Molly and her family. This was funny, quirky and light hearted, an easy read which kept my interest to the end. Aug 16, PrettyFlamingo rated it it was ok. I couldn't get into this and I think it is because I cannot relate to Catherine Alliott's world of Badminton Horse Trials and country living.

Because the protagonist Molly was silly and annoying, acting like a teenager fawning over a guy or two.

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Just couldn't take to it, sorry! Mar 01, Hilary rated it it was ok. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I just found this terribly irritating, and it should have been a fun read. Molly, widowed and holding the family together by the skin of her teeth, comes into an inheritance and suddenly loses any self-worth, self-reliance or self-respect and dashes off to London to the arms of the inevitable cad. Cue hunky rich, gorgeous man to save the day. It will be a popular summer read despite all this, but it could have been so much better.

I thought the plot and range of characters were perfect for a good chick lit but felt that the author stepped over the line between humour and silliness. Molly's actions were often completely ridiculous and unbelievable which spoiled the book for me! What disappointed me first of all was how slow it was to get started. Alliott spends a lot of time in flashback as the narrator, Molly, explains how she has become a broke widower with three grown-up children, badly managing a farm.

This and the flashback detailing the breakdown of her marriage was unnecessarily lengthy and did frustrate me with getting the plot moving. She is quick to want to drop everything in the country, despite all the ties that keep her there, and frivolously attempts to try and alter herself to fit in with London living. There are a few titters, but I mostly was frustrated by how Molly is presented to readers.

So unorganised and flitting from one obvious dilemma to the next, the chaos was almost too chaotic! I also disliked the attention that Alliott kept giving to Molly and other characters smoking.

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It brought nothing to the plot and just made it feel a bit distasteful, in my opinion. Paddy was certainly my favourite character and my hero in the novel — he puts up with so much! This is an easy read but there are far better chick flicks out there than this. I would like to thank the publisher and netgalley. This is the first book I have read by Catherine Alliott but I would certainly read more as this was a charming, funny and entertaining read. As Molly struggles to keep her life on a small farm in Herefordshire going five years after her husband's death she is being pursued by bailiffs for money she owes and seems to get little help from her three children.

Then out of the blue I would like to thank the publisher and netgalley.


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Then out of the blue she comes into a surprise inheritance from her husband's uncle and her life is turned upside down. Family, friends and animal welfare all prove much more important to Molly than she could ever have imagined and bring her love and happiness once again from the least expected place. I really enjoyed this. Jul 07, tara rated it liked it.

Some hilariously, funny, laugh out loud moments! Was a goodie! Loved it. Hilarious and with a happy ending of course.