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The New York Post. He is certainly unafraid to ask some big questions. And he often answers them to dazzling effect. The Sunday Telegraph. The Sunday Times.

Science of Logic [Philosophy Audiobook] by Hegel

He spins playfully, but smartly, across matters of sex, crime, gambling, addiction, marriage, racism, ghettos and politics, and he makes it all, well, titillating at times. USA Today.

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Levitt and Stephen J. Some may disagree, but one thing is clear: economics has never been this cool. After a quick introduction to a figure like Johnny Von Neumann, the genius behind games theory, we meet poker champ and Vegas icon Chris Ferguson, who finally put those theories into action at the table.

Even a chapter on the workplace — on pay, productivity and incentives — fizzes with insight and variety… Harford is a sickeningly talented young man. Picking it up, I assure you, is quite the rational course of action. He shows how game theory can explain the dynamics of population shifts, and gives clues on to how to respond… And Harford tells these stories lightly, with wit.

The Logic of Life is as lively as it is smart, charming, penetrating, and wise. I strongly recommend this book, especially to those who want their economics to be fun as well as important.

The Art of Logic by Eugenia Cheng review – the need for good arguments | Books | The Guardian

Quite simply, The Logic of Life will help you see the entire world in a new light. I love this book! I did. It proves economics is not a subject for dull textbooks; but is really a way of thinking that can shed light on all aspects of life. If you read one economics book this year among the stack recently produced, this would be it. There are others of earlier vintage, some that I have missed and still others that are awful. But in my view, Harford does this best. He takes us through more than recently published and worthy research papers and some books in applied economics and presents it all beautifully and in just over pages.

Anyone can have quibbles.

Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic

I think that Harford is only partially right about New York… But the book is a joy to read. Virtual Economics. In essence, Harford examines a whole collection of diverse stories — most of these outside the standard topics covered in economics — by assuming first that people are making choices rationally. I am not a particularly fast reader and I was still finished with this book in a couple of days. This book managed to keep my interest and attention. The Wages of Wins.

Logic’s Novel Is Number One on Amazon

Will Wilkinson — Bloggingheads. But it is packed with insight as well—it explains how addiction can be a rational thing, how it involves warring parts of our brain, and how I can explain my coffee addiction to my partner—hopefully without altering her incentives too much. India Uncut. But by interrogating that belief we can discover what the axiomatic belief is behind such a statement, or that the statement is not logical after all.

Fear causes people to override logic, and that is a good thing in emergency situations. But fabricating fear in order to get people to override logic is not a good thing … One reason to be able to think more clearly is to be able to withstand the onslaught of manipulation that is flooding our world.

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In this way, advanced mathematics could make a meaningful contribution to creating a better society as well as happier conversations and relationships. There is a sense in which this book is proof it can.

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